Founded in 1993, the Madison Community Band continues a long tradition of community bands by providing musical performance opportunities for its members and promoting and encouraging the arts community in Madison county and surrounding communities.  The band, which has grown from fifteen members to sixty-plus members, performs annually at community-wide events in Huntsville, Decatur and Guntersville, Alabama, as well as Fayetteville, Tennessee.

Aptly named, the Madison Community Band is truly a “community” band.  The band’s members come from a variety of backgrounds and represent a wide-range of ages, from middle school students to retirees.  Nearly all of the band’s members have had previous ensemble experience, whether in high school, college or even professional ensembles.  For many of the members, the Madison Community Band allows them to continue playing their instruments in a band setting, an opportunity that they would not have without the community band.

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